Download PDF Copy: Meeting Notes-May 13 2019



PTA General Meeting

 Date: May 13, 2019

Location: BSES Media Room

Subject: Monthly General Meeting


  1. Call meeting to order @6:35pm


  1. Minutes of previous meeting; motion to accept into record
    1. Motion-second by Jessie Brady 2nd Aaron Copsey
  2. Teacher Representative Report – Jen Waltemire & Jen Fogler
    1. Thank you for Staff appreciation
    2. Field Day May 30th
    3. Volunteer Appreciation-May 30th


  1. Principal’s Report – Carol Hahn
    1. Staff budget
      • Increase budget to raise class sizes they save 14 million dollars
      • 26 K, 27 1-2, 33 3-5th (raise each class by 2)
      • Awaiting budget to be passed on the 29th
      • Would loose 4 classes if this passes
      • Surplus 2 teachers (prek spot & 2nd grade spot filled)
      • Large classrooms are to over stimulating
      • Parents can write letters to county council
      • Yearbooks are in
      • End of the year-Bike Rodeo very high turnout
        1. Over 280 cards handed out
      • 4th grade finished days of taste
      • 2nd grade science center field trip
      • Interims coming home
      • Monday SCH 20th
      • May 21st middle school preview day for 5th grade
      • May 22nd Evening of Excellence
      • May 23rd chorus concert
      • Consideration cards to be sent home soon
      • May 17th early dismissal day
      • Apartments near Bellows will finish leases in July, move in in September and will open one building per month


  1. President’s Report – Andrea Wilds
    1. Calendar of events-
      • Greene Turtle May 15
      • Alice In Wonderland May 29&31
      • Cultural Arts Assembly May 31
      • Field Day May 30th
    2. SCH Breakfast
      • May 20th-Bob Evan Donating
    3. Classroom Cache
      • Email sent for distribution
      • Submissions due by May 31st
    4. Upcoming Elections-moved to June
      • Treasurer
      • Advocacy Chair
      • PTACHC (2nd person)
      • Communications
      • Website
      • Community Relations
      • Hospitality Chair-Olga Butler
      • Staff Appreciation-Olga Butler
      • Cheetah Challenge
      • School Supplies
      • Spirit Wear
      • Fall Festival


  1. Kindergarten Playdates
    • Looking for volunteer to coordinate 3 playdates at Bellows
      1. 2 in July, 1 in August
      2. K Assessment day August 19th
  1. Staff Appreciation
    • Successful week and the event was done under budget
    • Many thanks to all the volunteers and generous donations


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Aaron Copsey
    1. Budget Status
      • PTA budget is in good standing.
      • Classroom cache submissions due May 31st
      • Keep just 1 year website renewal for now
      • Determine budget needs for events that will occur prior to September meeting
    2. PTACH Update
      • Budget discussed at meeting


  1. Vice President’s Report
    1. VP Fundraising – Melissa Neally
      • Profit coal fire $235
      • All checks have been issued


  1. VP Activities – Jessie Brady
    • Determine Back to School Bash-picnic, food truck festival
    • Jessie will follow up with Mr. Jay regarding event


  1. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Restaurant Night – Blaire Bycoffee
      • Last restaurant night of this school year is Greene Turtle
    2. Cultural Arts-Kelley Sanabria
      • Club SciKidz Booked for Field Day
      • Cultural Arts Assembly scheduled for May 31st-Zonda Kids Dance Assembly
    3. School Supplies – Warnette Moultrie/Melissa Neally
      • Online website is live
      • Order deadline July 5th
      • Will have Mrs. Lightfield pass info on to incoming parents
      • Bellows receives 10% of sale,
      • All orders online
      • Send flyer to Mrs. Hahn to send out as a live link
      • Shirt incentive-25 shirts
      • $200 in supplies-meet with Mrs. Hahn to determine
      • Awaiting packet from company
      • Send to webmaster and social media
    4. After School Drama-Lauryn Fantano & Karice Parada
      • Show will be May 29th and 31st at 7pm
    5. Hershey Park-Marla Kegel
      • Nothing new to report
    6. Spirit Wear-Andrea Wilds
      • Will determine needs to preorder spirit wear for upcoming school year to have on hand to sell at open house and back to school events
    7. Membership-Vicky Bernal
      • June meeting-will determine plans for next school year


  1. New Business- If there are time constraints, any new business items brought to the attention of the board that are not pressing or time sensitive will be added to next month’s meeting agenda.


  1. Announcements


  1. Adjourn Meeting