Download PDF Copy: Meeting Notes-April 08 2019



PTA General Meeting

 Date: April 8, 2019

Location: BSES Media Room

Subject: Monthly General Meeting

Andrea Wilds calls the meeting to order at 6:35pm.

  • Andrea made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from March 11, 2019; Jessie Brady seconded, passed.


Teacher Representative Report – Principal on behalf of Ms. Waltemire & Jen Fogler

  • Working on report cards
  • Scheduled to be issued 4/26/19


Administration Report – Principal Hahn:

  • Fully staffed with evening custodians; welcome Ruth
  • Walking school bus has resumed
  • Lending Library to be put on Old Stockbridge
  • No reported changes in staffing for next academic year


Administration Report – Vice Principal Conklin:

  • Computers to be switched out from Dell to Chrome Books


President Report – Andrea Wilds:

  • Reviewed calendar of events – Coal Fire Restaurant Night 4/29 from 11:30am-10:30pm; Green Turtle May 15th
  • PTA Meetings 5/13/19 and 6/10/19
  • Numerous open positions (ie. Treasurer, Communications, Staff Appreciation, Advocacy, Hospitality, Fall Festival, Cheetah Challenge, Community Relations, Spirit Wear, School Supplies, Webmaster)
    • Elections to be held in May; Final vote must be had by June meeting
    • Any interest in these positions email Andrea Wilds at
  • Bylaws committee reviewed and stated no changes to current Bylaws; Aaron Copsey made motion to adopt existing Bylaws; Cassandra Dobbs seconded; motion passed
  • SCH Breakfast on 5/20/19 (looking for Bob Evans to donate) and volunteers to help with set up.


Treasurer Report – Aaron Copsey:

  • Budget – $25,725 in bank
  • Copsey made motion to amend budget by $500 to cover bank fees; Brady seconded; motion passed
  • Copsey made motion to add additional $1500 to budget for Staff Appreciation; Wilds seconded; motion passed


PTACH Update – Aaron Copsey:

  • Bill passed to return academic calendar to individual school districts
  • PTA State Meeting on 7/26/19 and 7/27/19


Vice President Report (Fundraising) – Melissa Neally:

  • $550 profit for Hershey Park orders


Vice President Report (Activities) – Jessie Brady:

  • BINGO Night was a success


Standing Committee Reports:

  • Membership: Vicky Bernal

No update; need to discuss plan for next year

  • Box Tops :Vicky Bernal

Continue to submit; $645.50 total for school year to date

  • Spirit Wear: Nikita Alexander

April 10th deadline for purchases

  • Restaurant Night – Blaire Bycoffee

Coal Fire on 4/29/19

  • Hershey Park – Marla Kegel

                    Successful fundraiser

  • School Supplies – Warnette Moultrie

In process

  • Cultural Arts – Kelley Sanabria

Booked; stay tuned

  • Staff Appreciation – Andrea Wilds

Volunteers needed May 6th-May 10th; continuing to entertain ideas

  • After School Drama – Lauryn Fantano & Karice Parada

In progress- show May 29th and 31st.

Exploring the idea of a possible in school assembly showcasing a few songs from the play.


New Business

  • None



  • None

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.