Download PDF Copy: Meeting Notes-April 16 2018.pdf

PTA General Meeting

Date: April 16, 2018
Location: BSES Media Room
Subject: Monthly General Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Aviles at 6:37pm.

Treasurer Update: Aaron Copsey

  • About $9,000 worth of expenses left for the year, but should still be under budget at the end of the year with all activities included.

President Update: Elizabeth Aviles

  • Elizabeth Aviles moved to approve the March 12th minutes, seconded by Carol Hahn, approved.
  • End of year reports need to be turned in for new chair members that will be coming in.
  • So far there is no interest in the President, VP Fundraising, VP Activities, and Secretary chair positions that are needed to have a PTA next year.
  • No new memberships at this time.

Teacher Update

  • Regional Early Childhood Center Program Teacher spotlight. There are 82 children in the RECC program at this time.
  • Career day volunteers needed, only 15 have volunteered for the entire school.
  • April 26th is take your child to work day. This day counts as a field trip if you notify the school ahead of time, and a sick day if the school is not notified.
  • Stem Night will be on April 19th.
  • Teachers will receive a Sign Up Genius to volunteer at the McDonald’s Restaurant Night on April 24th.

Administration Update: Principal Hahn

  • PARCC testing dates are as follows:
    • 5th Grade Language Arts- April 23rd-25th
      Math- May 7, 8, 9, & 11th
    • 4th Grade Language Arts- May 2-4th
      Math- May 14-17th
    • 3rd Grade Language Arts- April 27- May 1st
      Math- May 21-24th
    • Testing is done in the morning, 9:30 to 11:30am.
  • 1st and 2nd grade will be testing for MAP.
  • Nothing has been heard so far about the waiver for the last day of school.
  • Rockburn is looking at May 23rd to be the date for the kids who will be moving to that school to tour the school.
  • Orchestra and Band Concert April 17th at Long Reach High School.
  • Report cards will be coming home on April 23th.
  • May 9th the school will be having a Bike Rodeo.
  • April 27th is the Variety Show. 17 acts will be performed.
  • We had 4 teams participate in Battle of the Books.
  • Screen Free week will be April 30-May 4th.
  • May 2nd will be Information Night for 5th grade parents to explain what Puberty Education will cover.

Vice President’s Report

a. VP Fundraising: Heidi Roberts

  • 21 families bought Hershey Park tickets. That is an income of $450.

Standing Committee Reports
Restaurant Night

  • Tuesday, April 24th will be McDonald’s Restaurant Night. Teacher sign up needed to help with the event.
  • Flyers will be going out in Friday Folders about Restaurant Night.
  • Assigning Panera Bread money ($250) to be used for the Special Education Program. Motioned by Aaron Cospey, seconded by Elizabeth Aviles.

Movie Night

  • The next Movie Night will be on May 11th.
  • We may need a budget for popcorn.
  • Paddington 2 movie to be played at the next Movie Night.

Bingo Night

  • Not as many attendees normal.
  • Without counting concessions, amount taken in was $715. Amount spent was a little over $1,000.
  • Too much pizza was bought this year. Around 12 pies were donated to Grassroots shelter in Columbia.
  • About 200 dobbers were purchased for the event, and about half of them were sold. We will not need more for next year.
  • A lot of concessions left over that can be used for future events.


  • We are doing very well with the budget.
  • Request to order books for next year in this budget.
  • Working on a list with ideas on how to go on with registration for next year.
  • Right now there are five directors for drama.
  • 7 students have been participating in the Workshop Program, and it is going really well. The Workshop meets once a week from April 12-May 10th. The show will be on May 10th from 6-7pm.

Teacher Appreciation

  • Teacher Appreciation is coming up, and plans for each day of the week have
    been made.
    Monday- Breakfast
    Tuesday- Snacks, massages, and possibly a car wash
    Wednesday- Lunch & School Supplies
    Thursday- Snacks
    Friday- Dessert Bar

Meeting adjourned at 7:44pm.