Download PDF Copy: Meeting Notes-March 12 2018

PTA General Meeting

Date: March 12, 2018
Location: BSES Media Room
Subject: Monthly General Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Aviles at 6:31pm.

President Update: Elizabeth Aviles

  • Approval of minutes from February 12, 2018 called by Elizabeth Aviles and seconded by Mrs. Waltermire.
  • There will be a form next year for activity funds for teachers to fill out so that we are able to start planning for next year’s budget.
  • 304 members in the PTA at this time.
  • Elizabeth asked all the chairs and board to start working on their end of year reports.
  • We are actively recruiting the following positions
    • President
    • VP of Fundraising
    • VP of Activities
    • Secretary
    • Restaurant Night Chair
    • Staff Appreciation Chair
    • Volunteer Chair
    • Hershey’s Park Chair
    • Webmaster
    • Cheetah Challenge Co-Chair
  • Thank you Vicky Bernal for taking the Membership Chair and Box Top Coordinator positions! We really appreciate you stepping up!

Teacher Update

  • First grade teacher spotlight during today’s meeting.

Administration Update: Principal Hahn

  • Wednesday, March 14th will be Kindness Ties us Together in support of tragedy in Florida.
  • Last week there was a meeting at Rockburn for the new families who will be transitioning to Rockburn. May 23rd there will be a field trip for those transitioning.
  • 70 students redistricted to Rockburn next year; as of right now we will have 31 classrooms vs. the 33 we have this year.
  • Emergency plans being practiced during school for safety.
  • Howard County schools are looking at the safest way to allow visitors into the building.
  • Spring break changed: There will now be school on April 4,5,6th.
  • March 29th- Google Expeditions will be coming to Bellows Spring.
  • Friday Folders- MAP scores will be coming home in folders (grades 1-5).
  • Old Stockbridge construction will be ongoing through May or June.
  • 5th graders just finished MESA testing their science knowledge.
  • Chorus concert will be May 17th.

Treasurer Update: Aaron Copsey

  • We are $10,000 above what we hoped to end our year with but we still have some expenditures that will happen before they year ends.
  • Extending classroom cash for teachers to June 1st.

Vice President’s Report

  • VP Fundraising: Heidi Roberts
    • Hershey Park flyer went home with students and is due back by March 23rd.
  • VP Activities: Carla Sjoholm
    • Bingo Night was rescheduled to March 23rd.
    • Cakes are being remade by teachers.
    • More volunteers needed for the event.

Standing Committee Reports Restaurant Night

  • Restaurant Night is on March 21st at Green Turtle.
  • April 17th will be McDonalds, 20% will go back to the school. Teachers being asked to work there and be involved.
  • Two more Restaurant Nights to be determined.

Movie Night

  • Next movie night will be on May 11th, movie TBD.

Other Updates:


  • PTAHCH meeting was last Monday, March 5th.
  • Better security strategies for high schoolers being looked at, and getting a lockdown procedure in place.
  • Diversity issues were discussed with Dr. Kevin Gilbert.
  • Passing for freezing of developments for schools with 105% capacity.


  • After School Drama is going well, roles are being distributed.
  • Wizard of Oz will be on May 30th and June 1st.
  • Volunteers working on costumes and sets, some students are also helping out.
  • Mrs. Ivey and Mrs. Rivera will be doing a pilot drama workshop for the wait listed families on 5 Thursdays in April/May.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:54pm.