Download PDF Copy: Meeting Notes-February 12 2018

PTA General Meeting

Date: February 12, 2018
Location: BSES Media Room
Subject: Monthly General Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Aviles at 6:32pm.

President Update: Elizabeth Aviles

  • 302 members in the PTA.
  • 11 positions short for next year.

Teacher Update

  • Fourth grade teacher spotlight during today’s meeting.
  • Read Across Bellows will be coming up on March 2nd.
  • Teachers will be providing the prizes for the raffle winners of Bingo Night.

Administration Update: Principal Hahn

  • 837 students currently at Bellows, and losing approximately 68 students with the redistricting.
  • About 150 adults working at Bellows this year.
  • New technology teacher starting.
  • Wednesday, February 14th will be the 100th day of school.
  • Spring break days will be taken to make up for lost snow days. Spring Break will be March 30th to April 3rd

Treasurer Update: Aaron Copsey

  • $8,000 worth of major expenses left: Bingo Night, Teacher appreciation, Assembly, etc.

Vice President’s Report
a. VP Fundraising: Heidi Roberts

  • Close to choosing a vendor for next year for school supplies.
  • Requesting that budget not be taken away from teacher conferences dinner in spring. We will still be doing something for the teachers.
  • Still needing someone to take over Hershey Park fundraiser

b. VP Activities: Carla Sjoholm

  • Everything covered for Bingo Night.

Standing Committee Reports
Bingo Night

  • Write down winners of Bingo Night to email to teachers.
  • All supplies have been purchased and gift cards have been bought to give out for individual prizes.
  • Purple shirts for volunteers will be given out to wear during this event.
  • Flyers will go out on Friday, February 23rd.
  • Limited supply for pizza, it will be available from 6:30-7.
  • Possible incentive: Join PTA get free Bingo booklet.
  • Big prize for Bingo Night will be the XBox.

Restaurant Night

  • February 26th is the next upcoming Restaurant Night, 6-9pm at the Panera Bread on Dobbin Rd.

Movie Night

  • Movie night went very well.
  • Possibly a third movie night being planned.

Other Updates:

  • Over 100 students interested in the play, we put a cap at 75 students.
  • Motion by Elizabeth Aviles to approve $350 for the Pilot Drama Workshop Program for the students that were on the waiting list for the play. Motion seconded by Andrea Wilds.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:54pm.